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Create Relaxing Environments with Custom Bedroom Furniture

We’ve all heard the style tip that color affects the mood, sleep and productivity. So how does this apply to the vibe of

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Design Ideas for Custom Headboards

When it comes to the look and feel of a bedroom, a custom headboard could be the final touch you need to pull everything

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Make a Statement With Custom Home Furniture

The furniture in your home has many jobs. First, it has to be comfortable. You are going to use it for years to come, so

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How Custom Upholstered Furniture Perfectly Fits Your Space

There’s no matching the influx of creativity and comfort you get from introducing bespoke furniture to your home. These

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How to Create a Unique Bedroom With Custom Upholstered Furniture

Your home is more just than a shelter. Each room has a purpose. They’re an escape from the world and reflect your unique

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If your next design project seeks custom upholstery with clean lines, classic construction, and sophisticated design, ex

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Every Detail Of A Headboard Project

Our Blend Home Furnishings customers regularly tell us why they come to us over other headboard companies, and we listen

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People Are Getting Tired Of Matching Bedroom Furniture

Mario Morales of Blend Home Furnishings recently pointed out that, “People are getting tired of matching bedroom f

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In The Bedroom

Considering that the average person spends over one-third of their life asleep, the bedroom is one of the most important

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One-Stop Upholstery Source

Blend Home Furnishings is the ultimate one-stop source for all your custom upholstery needs. At Blend, you can create a

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