2023 Trends in Upholstered Furniture

Over the last few years, home furnishing tastes have gone through a considerable transformation. Consumers are less interested in the icy hues and straight lines of minimalist design. Instead, they are embracing furniture that offers a mixture of comfort and aesthetics. These preferences have led to a revival in upholstered furniture.

Of course, upholstered furniture never really goes away. But post-pandemic, people have gained a new appreciation for their homes. They’ve come to see them as their sanctuary, and pieces like upholstered chairs and ottomans are very now.

Let’s have a look at the winter 2023 trends that are defining modern upholstered furniture.


As life becomes increasingly busy and urbanized, consumers are craving nature. You can feel this yearning in home decor choices, with wood and natural elements returning to the fold in recent years. However, in the upholstered furniture world, that fundamental need is being expressed through shapes.

Curves are back in. Whimsy beds are a particular trend. An upholstered panel headboard allows you to express your artistic taste in the bedroom. Spheroid and orbicular shapes are two styles that are reinvigorating boudoirs in winter 2023.

Additionally, with open space formats more common, designers are seeking furniture that looks great from every vantage point of the room. Upholstered chairs and ottomans are the perfect way to execute this aesthetic trend. This Ellure chaise perfectly captures the theme.

This curvy Oliver stool is subdued but with a primal splash that recalls the outdoors. Finally, the Clara stool is a compact expression of a move toward dramatic curves that will set off the right space.


The trend towards living spaces that offer comfort as well as visual appeal is influencing textures. Wall-mounted panels can give a room a soft, cozy feel. They’re particularly chic right now.

While smooth textures still have a place, rougher surfaces like upholstery can give a room a sense of visual depth. These Evolve and Clubman nooks superbly demonstrate what an upholstery texture can bring to your living space.

Of course, sitting furniture can offer the desired effect too. This stunning Elara chaise comes in a variety of plush textures that can really make a room feel inviting. Or, you could use the Elena chaise to achieve a similar effect.

Finally, the Otra offers something for fans of the exotic with its hypnotizing geometric shapes.


This year’s color palette is trending towards soft hues and pastels. 

Soft, natural colorways are a big trend for 2023. Soft browns and creams will be particular design shades you will see this year. This Miller sectional sofa is an excellent example of the more delicate hues we expect to dominate. These Octave and Barrister ottomans also represent the overall market shift towards more soothing yet unique colors.

There is still space for a splash of color in the right setting. Contrasts can still work in 2023, especially if you can slightly offset their impact with a luxury hue, like this gorgeous Parker bench.


Minimalism is over for now. Maximalism is back. Bold, creative design has returned, but it’s being expressed in a refined and stylish manner.

Maximalism in 2023 is about fun. However, it’s drawing upon a more subtle color tone than usual. Unorthodox shapes and textures are where designers are getting bold. Pieces like this Canaliser bench are emblematic of this change.

The vibrancy of this Circlet upholstered panel headboard or the elegance of the Mint upholstered wall panel are two other examples of design freeing itself from convention and going for something more slightly dramatic without feeling over the top.

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