Customized Wall-Mounted Headboards: Upholstered Panel Headboards

Do you dream of having a beautiful headboard like you’ve seen in the staged bedrooms of IKEA, Southern Living, or Pottery Barn? Make those dreams a reality with a customized, wall-mounted headboard! What we at Blend Home Furnishings love about a wall-mounted headboard – also known as a “floating” headboard – is the variety of styles, textures, and upholstery possibilities!

If you care first about being practical, wall-mounted headboards fit that bill, too. Because it is mounted to the wall, it doesn’t have to align with your current bedframe. In other words, floating headboards are compatible with any bedroom furniture.

Not sure what kind of customized, wall-mounted headboard will transform your home’s most personal living space? We plan to put your doubts to rest with some of our favorite customization options!

You are bound to fall in love with one (or more!) of these customizable floating headboard options:

  1. Chesterfield Style
  2. Upholstery
  3. Panel Styles

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Chesterfield Style

The Chesterfield style is a classic and common wall-mounted headboard. Taking its name from the iconic furniture design, the Chesterfield headboard often consists of an upholstered fabric (with any number of patterns, colors, etc.) that are secured to a cushioned backing using deep buttons.

While this style is known for style and elegance, you aren’t obligated to follow any rules! Whether your bedroom is modern or rustic chic, a Chesterfield floating headboard will complement those styles, as well. For a truly bold look, you might even choose a Chesterfield leather, velvet, or textile headboard.


While Chesterfield style is one example of an upholstered wall-mounted headboard, there are truly endless upholstery materials, colors, and designs to personalize your bedroom and serve as the perfect backdrop for your bed. A good place to start when choosing the upholstered look you want is deciding whether you want to be subtle or make a statement.

Perhaps you want a timeless look with a sleek, smooth surface like our Colm or Varian wall-mounted headboards. Or, if you want your upholstery to add more dimension to your bedroom wall, consider styles like our Huxtable, Hyde Tower, or Twisted products.

Keep in-mind: Depending on the product, your upholstery can likely be customized with materials besides standard textile, from velvet and vinyl to leather, and more!

Panel Styles

Panels, panels, panels! There is so much to think about if you are interested in wall-mounted panels. In addition to their many sizes and shapes (geometric, square, rectangle, and triangle, to name a few!), panels draw the eye to the ceiling or to the breadth of the room, creating an illusion of more space.

Horizontal wall-mounted panels can make the space look wider. Take our Acme or Albion styles, for example. Vertical panels, on the other hand, can make the ceiling look higher. The Modified Harper and Stratus are design examples of panels that can take up the entirety of a wall or remain only behind the bed.

Discuss your ideas and customization options with a member of the Blend Home Furnishings team today!