How To Style Your Bedroom With Upholstered Wall Panels

Upholstered walls have been around for centuries. Castles of the Middle Ages were lined with fabric to make a statement, showcase wealth, and keep the interior warm in the winter months. Today, upholstered walls and panels are making a comeback in modern homes for mostly-aesthetic reasons, especially for their pure comfort, texture, and maximalist appeal.

The bedroom is perhaps the most common room homeowners choose to treat themselves to upholstered walls, and for good reason! Upholstered wall panels not only are an instant and luxurious makeover, they fit every style and budget.

Curious if upholstered wall panels are truly for you? We’re here to tell you: They are! Here are five ways to consider using wall panels to style your bedroom:

  1. Create An Accent Wall
  2. Pad A Nook, Seating Area
  3. Highlight Your Bed
  4. Accentuate Your Wood Paneling
  5. Sound-Proof Your Walls

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Create An Accent Wall

Whether you want to cover an entire wall or just a section, upholstered panels are truly the new trend in accent walls. And because upholstery can be customized in so many textile patterns and materials (vinyl, leather, velvet), they are a unique way to express your personality!

Pad A Nook, Seating Area

Release your inner child and use upholstered panels to pad the walls of your reading nook or built-in seating area! Doing this near a window is ideal; imagine sinking back into the cushioned wall with a book in-hand and natural light streaming in.

Highlight Your Bed with Bedroom Wall Panels

An alternative to a traditional headboard, a wall-mounted upholstered headboard for your bed is a showstopper when you walk into a bedroom. Similar to the accent wall, an upholstered panel headboard highlights your bedding. You can create an illusion with the wall and the bed using the same colors (think all-white) or strike a unique contrast using leather or velvet to complement either a simple or patterned bedding.

Accentuate Your Wood Paneling

Does your home and bedroom have wood paneling? Adding upholstered wall panels to fill the empty spaces between the decorative moldings screams elegance, sophistication, and style. Because decorative molding gives depth to your walls, any upholstery you choose will only accentuate it.

Sound-Proof Your Walls

If you would like your bedroom, your teenager’s, or the nursery to absorb more sound, upholstered wall panels are a practical option without sacrificing the room’s style! For optimal sound-proofing, line the interior wall or walls – those closest to the rest of the house – to keep sound in, as well as out.

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