Why Your Client Will Want a Custom Upholstered Headboard

Did you know that the most popular piece of upholstered furniture in America is the sectional sofa? While you may be finished designing your client’s dream living room, you may still be stuck finding the right solutions for a serene, luxury designed bedroom. Finding the right headboard for a specific bedroom design can be challenging.

All across the world, the harmony of upholstered furniture is bringing new life to bedrooms. The size of the room no longer matters when you incorporate a custom upholstered headboard into your designs. Blend Home Furnishings has the custom headboard solutions for you!

Custom made Upholstered Headboards such as our wall mounted panel options are convenient and easy to install. The Blend Home Furnishings custom ability allows designs to be adjusted regardless of room configuration — delivering your client with a design perfect bedroom.

Here’s why your client will love a custom upholstered headboard:

  • Custom Orders
  • Make use of the Entire Space
  • Luxury Upholstered Headboard Styles
  • Blend Home Furnishings Designs

Custom Upholstered Headboard Orders

One of the first reasons many clients report feeling content with their upholstered headboard is the original customizability of their order. When it comes to designing your client’s bedroom space, it is unlikely that the right furniture pieces will come from the showroom floor. It is only through unique, intentional design that you can be sure your client is truly satisfied with the finished product.

We at Blend Home Furnishings care about your client’s individual style. When you opt to incorporate custom, luxury headboard designs, you can offer your client a relaxing bedroom that speaks to their individual style needs. With so many upholstered design options, you’re bound to find a style that works for your specific client.

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Luxury Upholstered Headboard Styles

Panel Mounted

One of our custom design options for upholstered headboards is a panel style. Panel headboards tend to have several sections that make up the length or width of the headboard.

The panels are usually equal in size, but it’s not uncommon for the center one to be larger than the two side ones. Panels with horizontal stripes can create the appearance of a wider room, while vertical panels can create an illusion of a higher ceiling. No matter what size room you’re working with, panel headboards will work great!

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted upholstered headboards are fully customizable to fit any room, any design style, and help to create a cohesive bedroom ensemble. You can install a wall-mounted headboard the same way you would install a wall-mounted television when trying to achieve a minimal and modern look.

An elegant, clean, and contemporary design, these designs give the illusion of being a part of the wall. A wall-mounted headboard design turns into a focal point. As alternatives to traditional headboard designs, wall-mounted options offer sturdy support — ensuring a great night’s sleep in a room of luxury.

Bed Frame Mounted

While some may opt for wall-mounted headboards, others may prefer the versatility of bed-framed headboards. Once properly screwed into place, you’ll have an all-in-one bed frame set up that you can easily move around your space. A custom upholstered bed frame headboard is a great option for those seeking a more traditional design aesthetic.

Freestanding Headboards

When it comes to bedroom design, freestanding headboards are a very common choice. With no attachment hardware or predrilled holes – these headboard options are always sold separately from a bed frame and are two- or three-dimensional in nature. Due to their mobility, free standing headboards are a great design option for maximizing the space within your client’s bedroom.

Some freestanding headboards can stand alone and rest between the bed and the wall without extra materials.

With mounted, upholstered headboards, as well as various other styles, you can work with the following design options:

  • Cover Behind the Bed: Make use of the wall space behind the bed with a mounted, luxury headboard!
  • Cover the Entire Wall: Similarly, with larger luxury headboard options, you can create a design that takes up more of the space behind the bed.
  • Squared Upholstered Design: Make use of different shapes for your headboard design.
  • Utilize the Width of the Room: When it comes to the bedroom design you are working on, try utilizing the width of the room to design a custom, luxury headboard that works for the entire space.
  • Geometric Designs: Create a unique headboard design with geometric shapes.
  • Vertical Style: Rather than go with the traditional horizontal bed frame style, opt to create a vertical design that speaks to the height of the room you are stylizing!

Pro Tip: If you’re purchasing your bed and headboard separately, double check that your frame has compatible brackets with your custom headboard— if it doesn’t, it is possible to use adapter plates to align and secure the bolts properly.

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Blend Home Furnishings Designs

While these are not the only design options for your custom headboard, we hope these ideas help you get a better grasp at what you’re actually looking for. Let Blend Home Furnishings create the perfect custom elements for your bedroom design project: headboards, platform beds, bed frames, ottomans, and upholstered accents—planned, patterned, and created to your dreams and specifications.

Visit our Idea Board to view our custom-upholstered headboards and beds. Gain access to gorgeous images of over 400 of our custom bed concepts to inspire your bespoke design journey: from our signature custom-upholstered, wall-mounted headboards to our unique bed frames, platform beds, and soft furnishing details. Contact Blend Home Furnishings today!