Top 5 Benefits to Incorporating High End Textiles Into Your Designs

As the desire for high-quality, custom furniture rises, the need for unique, durable pieces has become much more important. With high-end textile choices for your custom, upholstered furniture, every room in your latest project can showcase your client’s style in an effortless, cohesive way. High-end textiles and fabrics can help you to find the pieces you need for your client’s home.

Build unique furniture to last with the right textile solutions! In addition to providing one-of-a-kind design elements, your clients will feel more relaxed and comfortable in the space you’ve designed for them.

Here are the top 5 benefits of high-end textiles:

  • Comfortability
  • Ease of Furniture Care
  • A Plethora of Color & Pattern Options
  • Longer Furniture Life
  • Incorporate Unique Style Elements


When it comes to the comfort of a piece of furniture, your client will want the best of the best. With a lack of diversity in typical store-bought furniture textiles, fabrics, patterns and more, incorporating high-end textiles can genuinely enhance the comfortability of any piece of furniture. With varying textures offering different scales of softness or warmth, upholstered furniture made with high-end textiles can make a huge difference for your specific client.

Furniture with quality textiles and fabrics often do not wrinkle or sag as quickly. This element alone makes these specific custom options perfect for your next luxury project. Not only will these custom designs offer you the chance to create a cohesive look for your client, but the comfortability these custom high-end pieces can offer will be unmatched.

Ease of Furniture Care

Typical, generic fabrics can witness a lot of wear and tear over time. Even with regular furniture care, generic textiles won’t be able to stand the test of time. Not only can furniture care be complex, but you certainly won’t want your client’s furniture pieces to fall apart sooner than expected. With high-end textile solutions, ease of care becomes much easier, more efficient and creates a longer lifespan for your client’s custom pieces.

With that in mind, since most high-end fabric furniture is constructed with stain-resistant finishes, it can be easily cleaned up when spills happen. A handheld steam cleaner or certain specialty products that may create stains or more damage on generic furniture fabrics can often do the trick quickly and effectively. High-end textiles can avoid various scratches or any unpleasant markings. Especially if your client has pets in their home, custom upholstery with high-end textiles will do the trick long term.

A Plethora of Color & Pattern Options

Another advantage to utilizing custom, high-end textile options for your client’s furniture pieces is the abundance of unique textures, colors, and patterns. When designing your next project, finding unique pieces can make the sale unlike what your customer sees at retail.

Choose from a wide variety of color and pattern options for your high-end textile and fabric needs. Create pieces that not only stand the test of time, but that speak to your client’s unique style and needs.

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Longer Furniture Life

As we’ve said, with higher quality textiles and fabrics, your custom furniture pieces can withstand years to come. When you’re hired for a design job, your client likely won’t want their newly designed and styled furniture to not last. With more rich grain, higher-end fabrics can offer longevity to your designed pieces. With a more durable nature, these fabrics and textiles can offer your client their dream designer home that will last.

Incorporate Unique Style Elements

As with all custom furniture pieces, one of the most fascinating aspects of these designs is the customizability. With the ability to incorporate your unique style elements with a touch of your client’s eye, you can design furniture that stands the test of time and truly speaks to your client.

Why not incorporate high-end bedroom textiles and fabrics into a piece that your client will love. Not only will these pieces weather better, but your client will also be happier with the finished product. To learn more about Blend Home Furnishings high-end textile and fabric options, check out our website.

Here are some of Blend Home Furnishings Custom, High-End Textile Options:

Posh Dewberry

Whisper Elephant

Getaway Natural

Welsch Cloud

Work With Professionals

It’s essential to work with a company that knows what they’re doing when creating custom furniture. Not every piece of custom furniture is going to accomplish everything we’ve outlined above.

Blend Home Furnishings has the experience and knowledge necessary to create a comfortable, beautiful piece of custom furniture with high-end bedroom textiles that will work with the rest of the room. Are you ready to see how big of a difference custom furniture and high-end textiles can make in the home?

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