Ways to Incorporate a Custom Upholstered Headboard into Your Design

Designing a unique, cohesive bedroom for your client can be a challenge. From oddly shaped rooms to a lack of uniformity when it comes to your décor, buying pieces from a big box store can wreak havoc on your design skills.

When it comes to the look and feel of a bedroom, a custom headboard could be the final touch you need to pull everything together. While DIY options might be cheaper to make, it’s unlikely that they will stand the test of time or blend seamlessly with your other design choices.
At Blend Home Furnishings, nothing gives us more pleasure than to help you bring a bedroom to life! Our custom-upholstered headboards can turn your bold, bright, modern bedroom ideas into a real, beautiful, and authentically custom design. In order to help you make your custom bedroom ideas come to life, we’ve put together a list of various design ideas for your custom headboard.

Here are a few ways to incorporate custom headboard designs:

  • Upholstered Headboards
  • Wall Mounted Headboards
  • Panel Headboards
  • Quality Design Expression Solutions

Upholstered Headboards

You’ll want to decide on your desired materials before creating a custom headboard design for your client. Fabric or upholstered headboards can add an elegant touch to the space you’re cultivating. These custom, cohesive pieces can often come in a variety of fabric options such as:

  • Microfiber
  • Linen
  • Velvet

When it comes to designing a unique custom headboard, upholstered options can be heavily padded, tufted or even simplistic. While padded and tufted headboards can work to create a comfortable lounging space, a simplistic design might be best for those clients searching for a classy, minimalist look.

Upholstered designs allow a designer to create a one-of-a-kind look that matches any piece of carefully picked decor perfectly. These custom headboards can also incorporate other materials and elements such as wood frames or metal accents, to completely tie the bedroom you’re working on together.

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Wall Mounted Headboards

As you begin to consider your designs more carefully, you may find that specific orientations of the bed work best for the size of room you’re working with. When choosing to build a custom upholstered headboard, there are a plethora of functional designs to choose from. From wall mounted options that are more stationary and elevated, to those that can connect with your client’s bed frame, you’ll want to ensure the headboard fits the space perfectly.

In addition to the custom headboard, a wall mounted style will require you to need a tape measure, drill, level, and stud finder. If installing this custom piece isn’t in your job description for this design project, you can opt to have a professional installation to ensure the headboard is fit to suit on the wall. After you have a headboard that is in place and sturdy, you can adjust the space visually in many ways.

Common placements may look something like this:

  • Center the Headboard with the Bed Frame
  • Center the Headboard on the Wall
  • Center the Headboard in the Middle of the Room
  • Opt for an Oversized or Off-Centered Look

Panel Headboards

Panel headboards are another option for custom design. Typically, panel headboards are made up of several sections that form the headboard’s length and width. It’s common to find two or three panels of equal size- but the center panel can also be larger than the two side panels.

The aesthetics of paneled headboards are similar to Venetian windows, and they can complement a variety of bedroom styles and shapes. Vertical panels can give the illusion of a higher ceiling while horizontal stripes can enlarge your space. Headboards with custom panels can be the perfect solution for small rooms as well.

Quality Design Expression Solutions

Blend Home Furnishings creates custom furniture pieces that look great and are built to the specifications of your design needs. Non-custom furniture and décor pieces can create an uncoordinated look in a space. With custom home furniture, you can mitigate the risks associated with a non-cohesive space rather than struggling to make pieces work together that ultimately don’t.

While these are not the only design options for your custom headboard, we hope these ideas help you get a better grasp at what you’re actually looking for. Let Blend Home Furnishings create the perfect custom elements for your bedroom design project: headboards, platform beds, bed frames, ottomans, and upholstered accents—planned, patterned, and created to your dreams and specifications.

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