Upholstered Wall Panel Trends

From Egyptian down-stuffed cushions to Italian silk bed drapes, the use of fabric to display luxury is documented in the histories of many world cultures.

At first, only royalty could afford upholstered cushions and fine throws on their daybeds and chairs. Even as such statements of style and comfort became more available to other economic classes, beautiful tapestries and upholstered furniture were signs of wealth and prosperity, and the same is still true today.

Upholstery is an interior designer’s one of many secrets for success. Textiles, velvets, and leathers are not only integral for a room’s aesthetic but also for its livability. In short, custom upholstery is designed to make an impression and built to last.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next design project, here are a few upholstered wall panel trends that are sure to finalize an unforgettable look for your clients:

  1. Maximized Wall Texture
  2. Brilliant, Surprising Colors
  3. Floor-to-Ceiling or Wall-to-Wall Designs

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ASCENT Upholstered Wall Panel

Maximized Wall Texture

When thinking about a wall’s texture, it can be easy not to think beyond paint finishes like slap brush or even the chalky effect of limewash. But we know you want to think bigger. What about a wall of glam velvet? Or a satin-like finish? And, of course, for the more “down to earth” look, there is always leather.

Upholstered wall panels do the job, and the more luxurious the better. Maximalism is currently very in, and we don’t really see that trend slowing down anytime soon. In fact, for your maximalist-inclined clients who still want to err on the side of class and sophistication, upholstered wall panels are the perfect choice.

Brilliant, Surprising Colors

Speaking of maximalism, another trend that we’ve seen with upholstered wall panels is the unrelenting use of color. Interior designers are reaching beyond neutrals once again and choosing deep green, gold, and tastefully patterned textiles as their jaw-dropping backdrops. Brown and black wall panels clearly make beautiful walls, as well.

Of course, for minimalist clients, upholstered wall panels in shades of gray and white are hardly a second choice. According to the Luxury Society, white is far from ever going out of style; it is austere.

Floor-to-Ceiling or Wall-to-Wall Designs

Whether you like to draw the eyes up or out, upholstered wall panels can be custom-made to scale a room for length, height, or both! What’s not to love about a concept that can be tailored according to your creative mind? Besides, what client doesn’t want a room that feels bigger than it already is?

And while we’re talking about a furnishing that’s as diverse as your design concepts, let us be clear that upholstered walls are completely and entirely customizable at Blend Home Furnishings, including C.O.M. (customers’ own material) and C.O.L. (customers’ own leather). And for your clients who want to keep mass-produced at arm’s length, a custom upholstered wall panel design is a rabbit you can pull out of your hat to top-off a high-end, one-of-a-kind look.

HUE Upholstered Wall Panel

HUE Upholstered Wall Panel


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