Summer 2022: Trends in Upholstered Furniture

After spending considerably more time at home in recent years, homeowners now are furiously updating their humble abodes with the latest trends. Designers have dubbed 2022 “a playful year” for interior design, with more consumers giving thought to ways they can add sophistication as well as comfort to their homes. A great example? Upholstered furniture.

Like most trends, the upholstery fads of 2022 have their rules but also lend themselves to personal tastes and preferences. Read on to explore current upholstered furniture trends and their various manifestations!

Furniture with Curves

A trend that is bringing more flow back to the home by rebelling against rigid and straight lines is the addition of curved furniture. With origins in the 1940s, furniture with curves may not be novel, but it reemerged with gusto in the 1990s and is back in full-force in 2022.

Furniture with curves not only softens a space but also serves as an opportunity to reflect more of your personal style. Prefer the traditional or modern country styles? Tufted upholstered chairs and round ottomans are an excellent choice. More into the eclectic or contemporary styles? Consider egg chairs and chaises.

Custom Upholstered Headboards

Another furniture piece that can also feature curves are headboards! What’s more, custom upholstered headboards provide an instant and luxurious upgrade to your bedroom, but without breaking the bank! Because they are custom, they can be modified for a range of styles and budgets.

For instance, a wall-mounted headboard can be simple, or it can be bold – stretching from the bed to the ceiling or lengthwise well-beyond the width of the bed! There are also a variety of finishing options. Custom headboards and wall panels can be upholstered with textiles, leathers, vinyls, velvets, and even C.O.M./C.O.L. (Customers Own Material, Customers Own Leather).

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Vintage Patterns

In contrast to minimalism and neutrals, another design trend springing from the emerging Grandmillennial Style is vintage pattern – chintz, Chinoiserie, buffalo check, and stripes – but with a new twist. You will find these colorful, sentimental patterns on everything from dining room chairs to sofas and wingback chairs.

But with all that pattern, there is a need for solid color and classic design elements to strike a balance! Vintage patterns mesh well with cream and pastel textiles, Chesterfield style couches and bed frames, and tasteful velvets.


Leather upholstery perhaps never really went out of style. But, there are several ways in which the age-old material is trending differently in homes in 2022. For starters, leather is making appearances on custom headboards and dining room chairs. And while every shade of brown leather can be beautiful, earthy caramel- and camel-colored leather couches are especially the craze this year.

As for another leather trend you might not have heard about yet – black leather is in! After home interiors’ long run with whites and grays, matte black leather furniture and even black accessories are now trending choices for the home. A pro tip for stunning and timeless results with this trend? Look for ways to incorporate your black or brown leather with design elements that are white, cream, or gray, from rugs to paint colors and decorative pieces.

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