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The BOWERY BANQUETTE from our Blend Home Custom Designer Banquette collection, constructed of American maple hardwoods, is available in many of our performance luxurious textiles, textures, vinyl, leathers, and velvets.

Choose from our curated selection of stock fabrics, each handpicked for its quality and aesthetic appeal, or express your individuality by incorporating your own material (COM – customers’ own material).

At the core of our design ethos is a meticulously engineered dining room banquette, adorned with either two sets of legs (60″W) or three sets of legs (80″W) for optimal support and stability.

We offer many ways to imbue your banquette with personality through custom stains on the legs, custom-sized pillows, & welt/nailhead options.

Crafted with an innate understanding of both form and function, our banquettes stand as a testament to sophistication and practicality.


Customization Options:
Available in any of Blend Home Furnishings Textiles
C.O.M. Customers Own Material
C.O.L. Customers Own Leather
Custom Finished Wood Leg
Wood Finish Options
Metal Leg Options
Acrylic Leg Options
Height & Width & Length Modifications
Add Nailheads
Add Welt