Interior Designer Spotlight: Pearl Design Interiors

Designer: Alecia & Charles Johnson
Firm: Pearl Design Interiors
Location: Greater Houston Area

Style Essence:  "An elegant, unique, and timeless expression of style."

Pearl Design Interiors is superbly skilled in creating a breathtaking design that's a turn-key concierge level of services exceeding our clientele expectations while maximizing value without compromising quality. Pearl Design Interiors roster of clientele range from professional sports figures, corporate executives, commercial and hospitality companies. In collaboration with our client, a design becomes the core or theme of the project. Upon completing the design project, our client's design essence and goals are evident in the luxurious space, aesthetically appealing, functional, and reflective style.


Featured Project:
Bespoke Master Bedroom Retreat - Atlanta, GACustom Design Wall Mount Blend Home Furnishings Custom Designed Bed incorporating Luxurious Velvet and EcoLeather details.
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