Elevate Your Interior Design with Upholstered Wall Panels

What interior design style are you striving to have in your home: traditional, modern, industrial, maximalism, eclectic? Are you wanting to add more sophistication, texture, or comfort to your abode? And are you hoping to add design elements that will be on-trend and stand the test of time?

We have the perfect, posh, practical answer: upholstered wall panels. Upholstered walls (customized by color, fabric, and size) can be used to transform your bedroom, living room, breakfast room – any room!

According to Homes & Gardens, incorporating upholstered walls in your home is the “ultimate statement of opulence and luxury … a craze that drenches the room in nothing but pure, unrivaled style.”

At first thought, the upholstered wall panels you’ve seen in boutique hotels might be difficult to conceptualize in your home. But this design technique not only has plenty of history in trendy and fashionable homes, it suits all styles and budgets.

Here is the proof! Below we list a few design recommendations using upholstered wall panels that will instantly elevate your interior design!

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Have Fun with Fabric

Upholstery has so many possibilities. Think leather, velvet, vinyl, and textiles – and in a large variety of colors! For this reason, your upholstered wall panel options are as diverse and endless as your unique tastes.

Blending together the best of design and comfort, upholstered wall panels can serve as the eye-catching cushion behind your bed, as the plush backing of your breakfast room nook, or as textured walls flanking your fireplace.

Accentuate the Wall

For those who love to make a statement – whether subtly or boldly – an accent wall may be just the thing. Naturally, a wall with upholstered panels is an accent wall, but there is even more you can do to complement and further accentuate your choice of panels.

In your bedroom, for example, paint the wall behind the bed the same color as your upholstered panel headboard for a modern feel that adds depth to the room. Or, stay true to the accent wall concept by choosing a completely different wall color than the rest of the bedroom that also contrasts with the wall panels. (For a tan leather wall panel, think an emerald green wall.) To really add flair, though, use a statement wallpaper!

Go Vertical

If you’re looking to elongate a wall and make the room feel bigger, the best choice is wall panels with a vertical orientation. The upright upholstery design draws the eyes up-and-down, creating an illusion of more room even if the ceilings are low or average height.

High ceilings, on the other hand, while beautiful can even pose a design challenge that vertical upholstered panels can fix! If you feel your long and tall walls look a bit bare, vertical panels are a fun design choice that continue playing on the elements of height.

Patterns & Shapes Galore

Upholstered wall panels come in all shapes and sizes! Whether a series of geometric shapes pieced together or a single, solid piece with a rounded edge, a wall panel can take on any shape or design you like.

Wall-mounted upholstered headboards, for example, can be customized with specific shapes or patterns simply by your choice of textile design. Or, the panels’ overall composition can create the pattern. Another well-known style design that could pass as a pattern is the Chesterfield style, which is characterized by an upholstered fabric secured with deep buttons.

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