Custom Upholstered Headboard Program!

At Blend Home Furnishings, nothing gives us more pleasure than to help you bring a bedroom to life! Mario Morales’ new Bespoke Custom Upholstered Headboard Program offers you the resources to turn your bold, bright, modern bedroom ideas into a real, beautiful, and authentically custom design. Let us create the perfect custom elements for your bedroom design project: Custom Upholstered Headboards, Custom Upholstered Beds, Bed Frames, Ottomans, Chairs and accents—planned, patterned, and created to your dreams and specifications.

If you need help narrowing down your ideas, visit our Idea Board at On our Custom Upholstered Headboards and beds Idea Board, you have access to gorgeous images of over 400 of our custom bed concepts to inspire your bespoke design journey: from our signature Custom Upholstered, Wall Mounted Headboards to our unique bed frames, custom upholstered beds, and soft furnishing details.

We love working with you to bring your bedroom to life, and that is why, with the Bespoke Custom Upholstered Headboards Program, we offer customizability for every aspect of your design project. Every obsessively designed, custom detail can be realized in either the customer’s own fabric or in any of the many fabrics we have to offer at Blend Home Furnishings. Think bold, think bright; think subtle, think clean. Creating the fresh, modern, classically-appointed bedroom of your dreams has never been so possible. Blend Home Furnishing’s Custom Upholstered Headboard Program puts you in command of our professional craftsmen. Mario Morales invites you to work with him to bring your bedroom to life.

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